Responding to academic spam: Part II

9 June 2016

I have decided that one email response is not enough to fully express my appreciation for the dodgiest 'academic' invitation I have ever received.  In the spirit of spammers everywhere, it behooves me to at least attempt to clog up their inbox.  I have therefore created a second email account and sent a second message to

From: Elsa Princess <>


Date: Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 3:04 PM

Subject: Re: ICOMB2016: Forge your admirers through your gracious presence


Dear Loraine Vagina,


My friend Ariel told me about your email invitation and I would also like to register for your event – the one that promises to help me to forge admirers through my gracious presence.  However, I think your ‘under the sea’ theme is a bit too ‘Prom Night Circa 1980’.  What about a glaciology motif instead?  This might help you spice up your session titles, which are frankly kind of boring.  Why talk about ‘fisheries’ and ‘reefs’ when you could be talking about ‘glacial crevasses’, ‘giant icicles’ and ‘melting icecaps’ instead? 


Ariel told me you require a picture for my profile, which I have attached.  I also enjoy long walks at the beach and rim jobs.


Yours sincerely,