Silent but Deadly

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  • Publication date: 31 October 2022

  • Published by Caw Press

  • Paperback (ISBN: 9781399936323)

  • Ebook (ISBN 9781399936330)

  • 228 pages, 5 x 8" trim size

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Silent but Deadly

The Underlying Cultural Patterns of Everyday Behaviour

An entertaining anthropological tour through the big answers to life’s little questions.

Why do farts evoke laughter and disgust? Is the aversion to the left hand universal? Are dogs really humankind’s best friend? Why do we tip wait staff but not teachers? Can you still spot the difference between a Brit and an American by their teeth? In Silent but Deadly: The Underlying Cultural Patterns of Everyday Behaviour, Kirsten Bell, an anthropologist who has lived in five countries on four continents—and learned about cultural gaffes by constantly committing them—places our everyday behaviours under the microscope.

Boldly going where no anthropologist has gone before, no topic is too small or insignificant for Bell’s attention, whether it’s the propensity of Brits to place their washing machine in the kitchen, the disinclination of Americans to buy rounds at the pub, Australians’ well-documented obsession with toilet paper, or Canadian sensibilities around swearing. The kind of book Jared Diamond might write if he was more concerned with the meanings of bodily emissions than the collapse of civilizations, Silent but Deadly deciphers the cultural patterns that underlie our everyday quirks, foibles, and habits.